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Total Puerto Rico

Total Petroleum Puerto Rico Corp. and PayPal are partnering up so you can fill your tank and pay with your cellphone in a quick and safe way.

The only thing you need to do is download Total e-wallet app, pay, fill up and go.




How does it work? It’s easy

For more information go to the questions and answers section.

  1. Download Total e-wallet app - Once you download it, sign up or sign into your PayPal account.
  2. Enter the pump’s number - Confirm the gas station’s number and the pump you are using (this information is available at the pump).
  3. Pay, fill up and go - Start filling up. Total e-wallet is that simple.*

You can pay with Total e-wallet app and PayPal at the following participating locations

Total Puerto Rico


Total Certenejas Carr. 172, Km.7.6, Bo Cidra
Total Arecibo Ave. Llorens Trres 205, Esquina Cristobal Colón Arecibo
Total Buena Vista Carr. 167. Bo. Buena Vista Bayamón
Total Guasabara Carr. 1 Km. 30,8. Bo. La Guasara Caguas
Total Plaza Centro Ave. Rafael Cordero Esq. Luis Muñoz Marín, Urb. Jardines Condado Caguas
Total Santa Rosa Carr. 837 Km 0,8. Bo. Santa Rosa Guaynabo
Total San Patricio Calle San Patricio Esq. González Guisti Guaynabo
Total Ave. Las Américas Calle Fagot. Esq. Cuatro Calles Ponce
Total Camp. Santiago Carr. #1 Km. 87,3, Bo. Coco Viejo Salinas
Total Puerta de Tierra Ave.Ponce de León San Juan
Total Borinquen Towers Ave. F.D.Roosevert, Esq. Ensenada, Caparra Heights San Juan
Total Plaza Olmedo Ave. Lomas Veres, Plaza Olmedo San Juan
Total College Park Carr. 177 Esquina Ave. Glasgow San Juan
Total Montehiedra  9415 Ave. Los Romeros, Montehiedra San Juan
Total Villa Nueva Carr #172 , Km 0.5 Caguas
Total Playa Azul Urb. Brisas Del Mar Carr. #3 65 De Infantería Calle 2 Luquillo
Total Villa Caparra Bo. Pueblo Viejo, Sector Juan Domingo Guaynabo
Total Trujillo Alto Carr. 181 Esq. Carr. 786 Trujillo Alto
Total El Tuque Carr. No. 2, Km. 222.2 El Tuque Ponce
Total Monserrate Urb. Villa Carolina, Bo. Hoyo Mulas, Ave. Monserrate, Esq. Ave. Roberto Clemente Carolina
Total Los Maestros Carr. 2 Mayaguez Bo. Algarrobo Mayaguez
Total La Muda Carr. #1, km. 0.2, int. carr #20, La Muda Guaynabo
Cañaboncito Carr. 156 , km. 59.0, Cañaboncito Caguas
La India Carr. 1, esq. carr 189 Caguas


Questions and Answers

What is Total e-wallet?

Total e-wallet is a mobile app that allows you to pay for your gasoline or diesel purchases at participating Total gas stations in Puerto Rico; from the comfort of your car, without having to go outside to the cashier’s booth or having to go into the station. Total e-wallet is available for Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android systems. The app uses PayPal as its payment processor. This app offers the same flexibility and security that PayPal offers for your online purchases.

How does Total e-wallet work?

  1. Download Total’s e-wallet app - Once you download it, link your PayPal account. If you do not have an account, the app allows you to create one.
  2. Once you are at one of the participating gas stations, parked in the fill up position and with your car turned off, activate the app. The app will identify the station you are at through GPS. In the next screen, enter the pump’s number in the provided field and confirm the info.
  3. The next screen will provide a map and the address of the gas station you are at, so that you can reconfirm your location and the gas pump. Once you do this, the app will activate the pump and will tell you when it’s ready to pour.
  4. From this moment on you will have 45 seconds to complete your purchase. You must leave your cellphone inside the vehicle and go out to pump the gas. Remember to open the fuel door, place the handle of the desired product grade in the tank, pull up the lever to activate the pump, and pump the gas.
  5. When finished, place the handle back in the pump, make sure that you close the fuel door and continue with your trip. The transaction will show up in the app’s transaction history and you will receive an email from PayPal confirming the gas station and the amount.

What is the maximum or minimum consumption for the transaction?
The application will pre-authorize your PayPal account for the amount you choose between $ 10.00, $ 20.00, $ 30.00, $ 40.00, $ 50.00, and $ 75.00, which will mean the maximum limit of your transaction.

Will the payment be instantly reflected in my account?
You will receive an email from PayPal confirming the place and amount of the purchase immediately.

What would happen if I pay a specific amount of money and fill the tank with less?
If you buy less than the pre-authorized amount, PayPal will credit your account for the unused amount within the normal cycle of your platform.

Do I need to have a credit card to have a PayPal account or can I open an account with an ATH with Visa or MasterCard logo?
PayPal gives you the option to use different payment methods, among these, debit cards. Access PayPal for more details.

Will I be able to monitor gasoline consumption or transactions?
The application keeps a record of your last 15 transactions, which you can access by pressing the [History] button on the initial screen. The transactions will also appear in your PayPal account.

Where can I get additional information about the use of the application?
E-Wallet has a [help] button that will assist you with the instructions for using the application. You will also find additional support information.